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There are many beers with different characters, whether due to their flavour, level of alcohol, region of production, colour, etc. One might think that the belong to no category. In reality, there are all placed in a category know as " Belgian Specials" , a bit of a catch-all, but distinguished by the fact that these beers are found only in Belgium.

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Affligem Blond 0.0% - 1/3L
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None of the alcohol, all of the rich Belgian taste. Affligem Blond 0.0% is a light golden ale with a soft fruitiness, backed by a subtle bitterness
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Brugse Sport Zot 0,4° - 1/3L
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Brewed at the Halve Maan brewery, Sportzot is the first alcohol-free Belgian speciality beer with a very rich and unique taste. The new technique allows the brewers to filter out the alcohol in a natural way, without distilling nor using other manipulations, the brouwers can assure the rich taste of our speciality beer.
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Curtius Black 8° - 1/3L
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Brewed at the Brasserie C brewery, this beer is delivered worldwide. This imperial stout of 8% ABV will surprise palates seeking for character beers with a lot of flavor. Guarantied non- pasteurized, non-sterilized and non-filtered, it offers roasted coffee and cocoa aromas, revealing a harmonious bitterness throughout the savoring of the beer.
The name Black {C} refers doubly to its impenetrable black body as well as the brewery where the stout originated from.
Delirium Black Barrel Aged 11,5° - 3/4L
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Brewed by Huyghe brewery, Delirium Black is a mixture of Delirium Nocturnum and Delirium Noël which ages for 9 months in bourbon oak barrels.
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Gageleer Free Alcohol 1/3L
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Gageleer No Alcohol is a pale yellow beer with a white head. In the nose fruity and malty scents with hints of gale for the finest noses and taste buds. Malt in the mouth and softly sweet, little bitter. None of them predominant, but despite the absence of alcohol a broad and balanced taste palette. Gageleer No Alcohol is a refreshingly tasty beer.
Gulden Draak Imperial Stout 12° - 1/3L
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Gulden Draak Imperial Stout is produced by Van Steenberge brewery, and is delivered worldwide. A limited-edition brew renowned for its deep, dark colour and sought after for its delicious, dry bitterness. LIMITED EDITION!
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Haacht Super 8 Export 4.8° - 1/3L
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Haacht Super 8 Export 4.8° , brewed by Haacht brewery, is delivered worldwide. SUPER 8 EXPORT is the founding father of the SUPER 8 range: a light-blond, mild-flavoured, smooth-drinking beer with a firm head.
Low alcohol content for more fun
The EXPORT has a relatively low alcohol content (4.8%), but this does not detract from its excellent quality and flavour. This is a top quality lager in a 33 cl bottle. Better still, it’s also gluten free.
NovaBirra Big Mama Stout 8°
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NovaBirra Big Mama Stout 8° - delivery worldwide - discount following quantities purchased.
Palm Green 0,25° - 1/3L
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Palm Green 0,25° - 1/3L - delivery worldwide - discount following quantities purchased.
Piedboeuf Brune 1.1° - 3/4L
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Piedboeuf Brune 1.1° - 3/4L - delivery worldwide - discount following quantities purchased.
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Struise Black Damnation XX - Ma Boule - 13° - 3/4L
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This Struise beer is a Imperial Stout beer. Pours pitch black with a small head. Aroma of roasty malts, syrup, wood, oak, honey, hints of tart green apples, calvados and grapes. Taste is smooth, slightly syrupy and sweet, hints of stingy wood, oak, tart green apples, licorice, honey and warming alcohol. Finish is slightly boozy and syrupy with some wood and green apples, hints of honey and grapes.